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This page is full of tons of ideas I have crafted myself (mostly in Multimedia Fusion Developer 2). I make many prototypes and small applications for myself over each year, but here are some of my favorite ones.

Yellow and Green’s Labyrinth

Date Started: around 10/24/2010

Date Last Updated: 10/24/2010

Yellow and Green’s Labyrinth is a game I worked on in my spare time with a focus on making a strong tile-based co-op puzzle game. There is a distinct lack of co-op games that allow players to play at the same time in the same world and work together, and so I designed this specifically for two players only. It still functions as a one player game though, as none of the levels require both players to be moving at the same time to solve. No save file(s) as of yet, but there is a level editor after the last level. I will include a button or something for easy access later.

yglPic01 yglPic02

Download current version:
Program opens with mute-able music playing.

Shape Shooters

Date Started: around 01/22/2008

Date Last Updated: 01/22/2008

Shape Shooters was my first attempt at making a game with original sounds, art, music, and everything else. It’s a pretty standard shooter, however I think I did a good job, and I managed to get co-op play worked into it as well. It’s glitchy in a few places, but it’s functional.

shpPic02 shpPic01

Download current version:
Program opens with music playing.
Being my first attempt at making my own music and sounds,
you probably want to turn the volume down really low.

Super Mario Catch

Date Started: way before 10/07/2007

Date Last Updated: 10/07/2007

Super Mario Catch was the first big game I made with Multemdia Fusion Developer 2. Complete with rules and credits screens, as well as an extra mode and a high score table, this is one of the best games I have made. However, being the first also means that it is full of in-efficient code and a few logic errors, but it is still a really complete package. Unfortunately the only original artwork I made in the entire game is the title edit and the push-cart Mario moves the pipe on… though I still consider my work-in of the sprites and game backgrounds an achievement as well.

smcPic01 smcPic02

(All Characters, Music, and Sound Effects are property of Nintendo)

Download current version:
Program’s title screen has music playing.
Sound Effects still need to be made softer.


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