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September 2012 – April 2013

“You are a marble among marbles. Navigate your world, interact with others of your kind, and transcend the confines of the factory you were born in. An art game that brings secular and sacred together in the form of a simple platforming adventure. Influenced by Buddhist philosophy, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and the human experience in general. For all ages.”

magnoPic02 magnoPic05

I’m one of the level designers for Magnosphere, our senior capstone project. 6 of the 13 levels in our game are my own levels that made it into the final product (the rest were made by other team members). I enjoyed every moment working on this game, especially pumping out tons of levels in the earlier stages of the production cycle. Not only are puzzle platformers my favorite genre to design levels for, but the character we used allows for innovative gameplay opportunities (since every action does not need a corresponding animation, and because of the shape).

Other team members:magnoPic03


  • Andrew Gould – Lead Designer
  • Scott Gilman – Systems Designer
  • Vince Bibuld – Audio Designer
  • Ryan Topping – QA Liason
  • Christina Aceves – Producer
  • Rob Drury – Lead Programmer
  • Ian Cubin – AI Programmer
  • Deanna Vaida – Lead Artist
  • Ben Bolton – 3D Artist




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