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About Me

Hey there! As you probably know from my website my name is Philip Holland and I love making games.  Game design, and more specifically level design, has always been a passion of mine.  I love just relaxing in level editors and creating tons of unique and fun puzzles and challenges to share with the world.  I love making levels for 2D games, 3D games, and everything in-between. My two favorite things I have worked on so far are Perpetu-roll Motion and Magnosphere, the first being a solo project for an advanced seminar class where I pumped out 35 levels in a short time, and the second being a Senior Team Capstone project where I whiteboxed 10 full 3D levels, and refined 6 of them to be included in the final game.  I also love making small prototypes to experiment with new ideas, or just to see if I can make something.  There’s plenty to see here, and try downloading my games too, they’re free! (except Magnosphere, you’ll have to wait for that one)

My Resume – DOC
My Resume – PDF


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